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Announcing New Kitchen Showroom Hours! Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm, Sunday’s by Appointment.

Serving the entire Connecticut Shoreline area including New Haven CT, Guilford CT, Westbrook CT, Madison CT, Clinton CT, Old Saybrook CT. Come visit Cucina Design today at 25 Business Park Drive, Branford CT 06405.

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Cucina Design 25 Business Park Drive, Branford CT 06405

At Cucina Design we listen to our clients’ demands for organization, environmental impact, and technological advances. Our kitchen designs take that extra step: our kitchen cabinet designs are a pleasure to look at and our kitchen cabinets are a dream to use. We like to think inside the perfect triangle—your food preparation triangle, your clean-up triangle, and your food storage triangle. At Cucina Design, we also like to consider what goes on inside your kitchen cabinets.

Pantry Kitchen Cabinets

The Chef’s Pantry is the highlight for new food storage ideas. These chrome units attached to the pantry door pull out with one effortless motion. This feature enhances functionality to these kitchen cabinets. Other considerations include pantry pull-out systems, storage sets, and swing pull-outs. And if you prefer a wood solution, we have wood pantry units that are both internal and door mounted for your kitchen cabinets.

Under the Sink kitchen cabinets

The focal point of all kitchens and all kitchen clean-ups is the sink and the sink kitchen cabinet. Incorporating pullout waste containers, recycle bines, tip-out front trays, and under-the-sink cleaning caddies can reduce the number of hours you spend in front of your sink. The kitchen cabinet savers also include base kitchen cabinet pull-outs that are two or three tiers. Would a towel rack help? Let us help you design your waste and recycling center to fit the size of your family.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Kitchen cabinet drawers are perhaps the most overlooked features by home owners. Placing cookware organizers, cutting boards, bake ware dividers, utensil organizers and spice racks will make all your food preparation a dream come true. A knife block insert can be cut to fit any drawer, wood utility trays can organize your cooking utensils, and cutlery tray inserts are available in a variety of sizes.

Kitchen Cabinet Hidden Gems

A few additional thoughts for organization: Every blind corner kitchen cabinet can now be fully utilized with Half Moon Shelf systems, Le Mans swinging shelves, or a variety of Lazy Susan shelf designs. The wasted space sometimes created in kitchen design and be utilized by replacing false fillers with pull-out shelves, racks, or trays systems. Putting away the dinner ware can be an easy task with organizers that hold and stack plates, dishes, bowls and even glasses.


Cucina Design in Connecticut can change the way you think about kitchen cabinet organization. You demand more from your kitchen cabinet design, let us assist you in making your dream kitchen a reality.

Cucina Design 25 Business Park Drive, Branford, CT 06405-2932 (203) 315-6645

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A clean, well-organized kitchen is the pride and joy of the conscientious home owner. Opening the doors of your kitchen cabinets to rows and columns of neatly arranged grocery items can warm the heart. In fact, some home owners have splurged on their kitchen cabinets and kitchen design just to enhance this cozy appeal. But even the most conscientious home owner can falter when it comes to the best choices in creating their dream kitchen. To begin, what are the best kitchen cabinets to fit your kitchen design? Let us help…


Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Sometimes more is less. If you don’t care for the bells and whistles, then you can choose from stock kitchen cabinet lines of cabinetry. These cabinets are cost effective since they are mass produced but their reliability and charm have been proven time and time again. These kitchen cabinets are available in limited shapes and sizes and with the proper kitchen design can create a functional, practical, and beautiful kitchen.


Custom Kitchen Cabinets

At the other end of the kitchen design spectrum are custom kitchen cabinets. Personalizing your dream kitchen with your own kitchen cabinet “designer” can give you a more intimate and individual feel to the heart of your home. Custom kitchen cabinets are often the perfect solution to creating a high-end kitchen design. For instance, traditional wood cabinets may not be the best choice for a contemporary design house, perhaps stainless steel is a better selection. If you would like to give your imagination some freedom, then having your kitchen cabinets made according to that vision might be the answer.



Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Perhaps the best of both worlds is the semi-custom kitchen cabinet. These kitchen cabinets are often the most affordable while allowing the most creativity in kitchen design. These kitchen cabinets offer options based on color, size, material, and style which will create the perfect kitchen design for your home. From pantry drawers and lazy Susans, to spice racks and fancy hoods, semi-custom kitchen cabinets are for you. Let your imagination run wild.


No matter what your choice is in kitchen cabinets, let the professionals at Cucina Design assist you in creating a kitchen design that pleases both your heart and your budget. Located in Branford CT, and serving the entire Connecticut shoreline our kitchen design team and our choices in kitchen cabinets will create the perfect kitchen for you.



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Talk about going back to the future in kitchen design: the Stone Age has been effectively replaced by the Steel Age. First kitchen countertops, now kitchen cabinets.

There is no need to remember the 50s or 60s, just take a look around you today; stainless steel is everywhere. In your homes, at the grocery store, at your favorite restaurants; stainless steel has been the first choice among chefs and food lovers everywhere. In fact, more and more home owners prefer to have stainless steel in their kitchen design than any other material. But have you thought about stainless steel kitchen cabinets?

Many of you already know the amazing properties of stainless steel. Stainless steel has a natural corrosive resistance “built-in.” It is strong and durable as it is not a single alloy but a composite alloy. Its properties make it the ideal choice for hygiene since it cleans thoroughly and easily. Stainless steel is heat and cold resistant maintaining its strength at both temperatures. Its easy fabrication makes it the best choice in creating an aesthetic appeal in any environment, especially in kitchen design. Its appearance can be enhanced by texturing, brushing, or polishing, making stainless steel the perfect material for kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, and appliances.

And most importantly, stainless steel is GREEN! It is made from 75-85% recycled material and the production of today’s stainless steel is 100% recyclable. Unlike other recyclable materials, 80% – 90% of stainless steel does wind up being recycled – very little winds up in landfills. The more that is recycled reduces the number of elements that need to be mined; in turn, this means less environmental damage associated with mining operations, not to mention the energy savings in recycling. The challenge is that because stainless steel is so durable, it sometimes takes decades before it is recycled.

Stainless steel has been a mainstay in your kitchen for years. Just think of those small appliances first: the shiny toaster, the microwave. Or the BIG 3: the range, the refrigerator, the dishwasher. Have you thought about adding a stainless steel backsplash into your kitchen design or a countertop? Better yet, is it time to consider stainless steel kitchen cabinets? Stainless steel kitchen cabinets offer the same durability, resistance, and cleanliness as all stainless steel products. And the kitchen designs that we can create are limitless.

Whether you want to add a new shine to your kitchen design or want to remodel you entire kitchen with new stainless steel kitchen cabinets, Cucina Design has all the answers. Just give us a call and together we can create a kitchen design for your budget.

Cucina design is located in Branford CT, and has been creating high quality kitchen designs for residents along the Connecticut shoreline since 2004.

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Cucina Design offers award winning kitchen and bath design ideas. Come visit our kitchen and bath showroom today at 25 Business Park Drive in Branford CT, or call us with your kitchen design questions today at (203)315-6645.

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